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A Daytrip to
Long Island City, Queens

Donate $25 to the Brain Tumor Foundation below and you will be automatically entered to win this amazing daytrip to Long Island City worth a value of over $250. This rapidly-growing neighborhood in Queens boasts the best skyline views in NYC and is home to a booming art and food culture. Whether you are an LIC local, or you've yet to explore the neighborhood this jam-packed itinerary will give you a perfect tour of one of our favorite areas!


Stop 01.

Tea / Coffee for two at


While there are many great options for a place to get your morning cup in LIC, Communitea is hands-down our favorite spot. Expect a cozy vibe packed with local art, local snacks and locals working on laptops. Their tea library is impressive but the knowledge from their tea librarians is truly astounding. So, start your perfect daytrip in LIC with a good ole cup o' tea. Or just grab a coffee. Whatever.

Communitea - Long Island City, Queens NY.
Stop 02.

Breakfast for two at

51st Street Bakery

Your daytrip to LIC will continue with a double dose of good vibes and friendly staff again at 51st Street Bakery. I know we're suggesting breakfast, and it certainly is tasty, but I'd be remiss if I let you leave here without one of their cookies. Consider this your warning: Eat the cookies!

51st Street Bakery - Long Island City, Queens NY.
Stop 03.

A walk for two at

Gantry Park

Visiting LIC and not taking a stroll through Gantry Park would be like visiting Maui and skipping the beaches. The three mile stretch of greenway includes sports courts, dog parks, walking paths, the iconic Pepsi Cola Sign, and the best views of the NYC skyline. Start out on the south end of the park and visit the new viewing platform and stroll north as you slowly head towards your next stop.

Gantry Park - Long Island City, Queens NY.
Stop 04.

Lunch for two at

Indie Food & Wine

This new lunch spot was a very welcome addition to the neighborhood! Their salads and yogi bowls are always fresh with local ingredients. But if you're not hungry yet, a glass of wine and a selection of cheeses and salumi is the perfect midday day snack!

51st Street Bakery - Long Island City, Queens NY.
Stop 05.

Climbing for two at

The Cliffs

If you've never seen this place before, prepare to be blown away by the sheer magnitude of it. The Cliffs has created a place in the center of LIC that feels like an entire mountain range. The intro to climbing class will get anyone comfortable with the idea of scaling their elaborate walls and the community they have built seems to be overflowing with encouragement.

The Cliffs - Long Island City, Queens NY.
Stop 06.

Dinner for two at


By now you will have certainly hit your step goal and you might be sore from smiling as you practiced rock climbing. So, its obviously time for pizza. But not just any pizza. Levante offers neapolitan specialty pies with toppings like fresh burrata, black truffle pate and spicy salame. Not to mention the restaurant is beautifully designed in a reclaimed building with nearly 40 foot ceilings.

Levante Italian Pizza - Long Island City, Queens NY.
Stop 07.

Cocktails for two at

Dutch Kills

This tucked-away, unassuming entry way leads into a dark narrow cocktail lounge staffed with some of NY's greatest mixologists. Sure, you might know what you think you want to drink, but trust the bartenders here and with little guidance they with craft your new favorite drink. The only problem is, you might never be able to find one this good again.

Dutch Kills Cocktail Bar - Long Island City, Queens NY.
Stop 08.

Beers for two at

Fifth Hammer Brewery

Wrap up your perfect daytrip in LIC by bellying up to the bar at Fifth Hammer Brewing. The brewhouse and tasting room are often packed with LIC locals and their dogs. We recommend the imperial porter but their selection is constantly rotating and you cant go wrong. Its the perfect place to end your perfect night!

Fifth Hammer Brewing - Long Island City, Queens NY.
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The Up Studio is a Long Island City based architecture, interior, and brand design studio that enhances people’s lives through concept-driven work. Their studio is based in the heart of LIC and they are excited to be able to use their tiny place in this blossoming community to drive good and raise money for the Brain Tumor Foundation.

THE UP STUDIO - Architecture, Interiors & Brand Design based in Long Island City, Queens NY.

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