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A Daytrip to Park Slope &
Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn

Donate $25 to The Brain Tumor Foundation and you’ll be automatically entered to win a daytrip to this oasis of greenery in the heart of historic Brooklyn. These two neighborhoods converge at the western edge of prospect park to create a beautiful community filled with tree-lined streets and some of Brooklyn’s best small businesses.


Stop 01.

Coffee & Breakfast for two at


This local haunt is a hidden gem for NY coffee lovers. In less than a year, Daytime has become a daily meeting place. Known not only for their amazing baristas but also for their breakfasts. Seemingly simple dishes become memorable here. Like when you add their red pepper jam the egg sandwich or when they top the shiitake mushroom toast with a white bean spread. Start your local daytrip at Daytime and you’ll quickly find yourself googling apartments in Windsor Terrace.

Daytime Coffee & Cafe - Park Slope / South Slope / Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn NY.
Stop 02.

Bike Rides for two around

Prospect Park

We're supplying the day passes for you to explore the green heart of Brooklyn via Citi Bike! The 585 acre park is home to rolling fields, a dog beach, sports courts, picnic areas, drummers circles, a beautiful lake, a zoo and two bandshells that regularly host live concerts. Pick up your bikes where Prospect Park West meets 15th street and ride the four mile loop, or wander off the path and explore some of the parks hidden gems! You'll only get 30 min per check-out, but you can take them out as many times as you'd like throughout your daytrip!

Prospect Park - Park Slope / South Slope / Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn NY.
Stop 03.

Brunch for two at


Yeah, we know you've already eaten a delicious breakfast, but a perfect daytrip in Brooklyn ALSO includes brunch! Flora is a quaint neighborhood eatery that pack some serious punch with their classic Italian dishes. Stop in for a dish & wine for two. Don't worry about what to choose, they've already curated that for you. Just show up and enjoy!

Flora Italian Restaurant - Park Slope / South Slope / Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn NY.
Stop 04.

Shopping Spree at

True Love Always

This boutique shop might seem small, but give yourself some time to browse because you're going to want everything they carry. The winner of this daytrip gets $40 to spend. Will you walk out in one of their signature "True Love Always" shirts, or will you stock up on a new planter, or a record? Please report back.

True Love Always - Park Slope / South Slope / Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn NY.
Stop 05.

Wine for two at

Couleur Cafe

Shopping can be stressful. Let's get you some wine, shall we? This cafe on the south end of 7th ave will make you feel like you've stepped into Paris. This little cafe is the kind of place to cozy up and enjoy a glass of wine and mingle with some locals.

Couleur Cafe A french Wine bar - Park Slope / South Slope / Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn NY.
Stop 06.

Movie for two at

Nitehawk Cinema

I'm sorry to say that if you've never seen a film at Nitehawk before, this experience will definitely ruin every other cinema visit you'll ever have. Once you've had cocktails and tater tots delivered to your seat, while watching one of their expertly curated movies you'll never go back. Did we mention the truffle popcorn? Local tip: Refills of it are half off.

Nitehawk Cinema - Park Slope / South Slope / Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn NY.
Stop 07.

Dinner for two at


Head back over to 7th Ave to enjoy an incredible Mexican dinner while you discuss whatever movie you just watched. Even if the film was a huge let-down the taquitos at Fonda will make everything right in the world. Sometimes I wonder if all our world leaders just sat and shared some guacamole while debating politics, if we could solve all our troubles. Fonda gives us hope.

Fonda Mexican Restaurant - Park Slope / South Slope / Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn NY.
Stop 08.

Drinks for two at

Cafe Steinhof

This Austrian beer bar is the perfect place to belly up and end your daytrip in Park Slope / Windsor Terrace. Just a few doors up from dinner, Cafe Steinhof provides an amazing selection of heavy beers if you're looking to end your night on a rowdy note or Viennese Coffee if you've got a bit of a hike getting home.

Cafe Steinhof - Park Slope / South Slope / Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn NY.

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